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“Our Reflective History” by Just Jenus Art

“Our Reflective History”

by Justin Johnta Perry / Just Jenus Art

Reflection is an important human need

We need to reflect

We need to know and understand

Putting that mirror up to ourselves

Can show us, US

Help our need to know

Who we are, Where we came from, And where we could go

Our reflection can show us

The image of our soul in the universe

and to understand that universe

We Need to know how it started

We must understand its history and like a reflection

History is important

History is a reflection of our peoples

Their struggles, Their sacrifices, Their everlasting spirit

Makes History. They make our History

They make our reflection

They make our universe

They make Our Reflective History

Our overcoming challenge after challenge

our a journey few could manage

Our moving into homes first

Trees, fields and country turned into castles where dreams burst

Our own contractors, designers, planners, mansons

Laying foundation

Pieces of prosperity

New Hopes that makes folks

Just drive through

So it can reflect on them too

Pride in thriving, Pride in building

Providing examples of a better living

Stories of living and growing

Moving out and moving back

A Reflective History told

Different fabric of people, closely knitted together

GOD made a garden with precious fruit from prayer

Biltmore Hills, Hadley, Hicks, Rochester, Bunche, Peebles, Gilliam, Carnage JR High, Newcombe, Callaway, Waters, Bailey, Bates Road, Owens Lane, Thelonious Drive, Doby Circle, Fitzgerald, Campanella, Dandridge, Kitt Place, Coltrane Court

Blessings to Blessings

Family to Family

Road to Drive to Lane to Street

Legacy of soilders, educators, blue collar workers, nurses

Growing up as family, neighbors, friends and business partners

Holiday and special occassions

Making space and fellowship

Hard work

Real Love

Our History

is a reflection of love from above

made into seeds planted four, five, six children deep

Years and Years of history more

Our History

A Reflective History

A mirror into our own soul.

Inspired by histories of Rochester Heights and Biltmore Hills and The ‘Our Reflective History’ art installation on site at 608 Bailey Drive, Raleigh NC, USA

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